Doth was founded in 2006. At that time, it was just Cole Imperi, an iBook, a desk made of butcher block counter top and lots of optimism.


  • Doth focuses in two core areas: deathcare and wellness.

  • Doth has three distinct specialties: pricing design, typeface design and complete brand architecture.

  • There are three ways to work with us: a Shotgun Session, a B&B or a Residency. 

  • We believe that we are changing deathcare and wellness through our work with our clients. Will you be part of that change? 



Business Development, pricing designer, operations

Victor Imperi is the Business Director at Doth. He brings a background in mathematics and management to pricing design, and a frank, no-nonsense approach to project management. Having won several national awards in communication in a previous life, Victor's copywriting skills are put to use for our clients and with his regular speaking engagements. Victor serves as faculty on the ICCFA Cremation Arranger Certification program, where he speaks about the psychology of pricing, and consumer motivations.

Victor has worked with a wide variety of client types including yoga studios, wellness providers, funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories, pet end-of-life and palliative care facilities, high-end retailers, automotive products, ashrams, veterinary facilities, nonprofits and entertainment professionals.




owner, Creative director, thanatologist

Cole Imperi is the Owner and Creative Director of Doth. Cole is the only dual-certified Thanatologist in the US—she is a Certified Integrative Thanatologist and is Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement. She holds a post-graduate Certificate in Typeface Design from the Type@Cooper Condensed Program. Cole is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Cole serves as a city-appointed board member of Historic Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum in Covington, KY and is faculty for the ICCFA Cremation Arranger Certification program.

Her comprehensive approach to brand architecture and identity design has garnered Cole attention and acclaim for her work with clients across the board; in the luxury, retail, deathcare, theater, wellness, yoga, automotive, industrial, food, pet care, manufacturing, architecture and non-profit markets.


Learn more about Cole, her background and her work on her personal website Hello Cole.





Our in-house staff lends skills from a number of blended backgrounds to create a versatile team at Doth. 



Graphic Designer

Mandie joined the Doth team shortly after graduating magna cum laude from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a BFA in Illustration. She is an award-winning visual artist, having earned the Stephen H. Wilder traveling scholarship and the 2016 AAC Excellence Award for her paintings and sculptural installations. She is also a writer, dancer, director, and legal assistant.



community engagement

Tess heads up social media efforts for Doth and our clients. She is an award-winning community builder and brand engagement leader with specialities in higher education, community colleges and community development. Tess is also a recipe developer and designer.



executive Liasion

Lisa brings 15 years of Executive Administration experience within higher education to Doth. As Executive Liasion, Lisa helps with coordinating conference events, publishing, scheduling for the Imperi's and communication with Doth's partners, clients and friends. Lisa is a life-long resident of West Virginia and graduate of Marshall University.




traffic Coordinator & web design

Kate is our resident organizer, keeper of the calendar, researcher and copyeditor. She first came to Doth in 2009 after working as a Producer at WHIO–TV in Dayton, Ohio. Kate left Doth in 2012 to serve as Executive Director of the Parkinson's Wellness Chapter, but just couldn't stay away. She returned in 2014.


The K-9 Division at Doth is small, but mighty. Learn about our beagles and the unique roles they play. They are wonderful coworkers, and are also very soft.



Ruby turned 12 years old on June 14, 2016. She looks great for her age and puts in as many hours as Victor and Cole (probably more). Since 2006, Ruby has 'gone to work' with Victor and/or Cole at Doth and sits on top of their desks (literally) keeping watch out the window. She loves her work protecting us and takes her job very seriously. 



Hairy turned 9 years old on April 10, 2016. He is Doth's greatest supplier of support and our best mood booster. You will find him in someone's lap, sharing someone's office chair or curled up in a teeny tiny ball napping in the office. He loves to give kisses, loves to hug, loves to snuggle, loves to touch, loves to just be with you (ideally, on you.) He is pure dog love.