A B&B is rejuvenating in aN how-did-we-get-that-much-done-in-three-days? kind of way.

B&B's are usually 3 days long and take place in Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. (These two cities sit across the Ohio River from each other.) They include your lodging, all meals and drinks. Most B&Bs result in a completed brand architecture, a completed (or nearly complete) website, a marketing strategy, a pricing strategy and a brand guide. It includes 2 weeks of follow up where we make edits, updates and iterations to the work we started. 


90% of the time, the CEO/president of a company will be present for a Doth B&B. Why? 

"I needed to do a complete rebrand in a month."

"I know that if I am in my office, I am not focusing on the future. I am focusing on the present, on all the distractions that come in my door. To focus on the future, I needed to get away."

"We needed to launch with a brand, website and all the materials that go with it. We also needed it in 30 days."

"I'm not the kind of person that can check in with an outside firm daily or even weekly. I needed as much as possible right at the beginning."

"Myself and my Marketing Vice President wanted a working retreat where we could build a new foundation for leading our company into very different waters." 

"The well of ideas I always had just dried up. I needed an outsider's eyes. I wanted a new advertising experience. I came in needing to expand our very well-known and high-quality product offerings but I couldn't figure out how."

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