Let us 'ride shotgun' for awhile.

We provide the expertise, you provide the execution.

In a Shotgun Session, we work on answering questions and finding solutions to problems.
These 90 minute conferences can help jumpstart your project.

Shotgun Sessions:
• are 90 minutes long
• are done by phone or in-person
• require you to submit your questions/discussion topic/material to us 7–10 days in advance (to allow us time to prepare)
• include a written summary with suggested next steps post-session
• include follow up materials, resources or documents, when relevant
• include one week of email follow up for any remaining questions or thoughts you might have

Imagine you're tasked with driving us to the airport. We sit up front with you and you have our ear the whole way there. What would you ask us about? This is the spirit of a Shotgun Session.

Here are some examples of Shotgun Session topics:

• We sell A and B. Is there something else I can offer that would be a great fit? Or do you see a way I can expand upon A or B?

• Here's a sheet with my company's 8 services and 20 products. What should I re-price? What would you change?

• I'm considering rebranding my entire company, but I don't know what that might entail and where to start. I need an opinion and an evaluation. 

• We are launching a new product called product X. What issues do you see with it? Where do you think we should price it? Can you make some suggestions on how we should brand it? We have a marketing person in house, he just needs some guidance.

• What are some things you think my company could do right now to improve its position in the market? What position do you think we have in the market? 


Shotgun Session
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