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death is trending

Death is Trending

It was YOLO a couple years ago (You Only Live Once), now we have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Add to that: Death Midwives, Death Dinner Parties, Death Cafes, Digital Immortality and you have quite the cultural cocktail all centered around death and dying. This death ‘trend’ is projected to stick around for quite some time and large corporations and educational institutions are paying attention to the forces at play behind it. This presentation will provide you with some new vocabulary, knowledge about the broader conversations happening about death in the United States and how your participation can have a positive effect on how you are perceived in the community, and in the arrangement room.

grief from 3 perspectives

Grief from Three Perspectives

Led by Cole Imperi—an Integrative Thanatologist and Creative Director—this presentation will expand your grief and bereavement understanding through three different lenses: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Western Medicine. Each system approaches grief differently and utilizes different techniques in managing its manifestation. Attendees will gain knowledge about alternate perspectives on grief and will leave with an expanded toolset in working with those who are bereaved. What works for one person may not work for another, and your ability to meet a grieving person ‘where they are’ will become expanded.

branding sells

Branding Sells

How to define your brand and refine your sales flow. Where are all the places your leads come from? Your most satisfied families—how did they find you? What makes your business unique? What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Branding is much, much more than a logo and colors. It’s rooted in a clear understanding of your values and goals. And, your sales process should support your brand and be rooted in a clear understanding of the benefits you offer and the value you bring. In this workshop presentation, attendees will go through three exercises utilized at Doth during our B&B and Residency experiences. Attendees will work through their sales flow, identify their ‘onlies’ and begin to shape a brand.

$10000 website

The $10,000 Website | Why Yours May or May Not Cost That Much

Technology has come so far in such a short period of time that ‘best practices’ from just a few years ago are often no longer recommended today. In this informative presentation, Victor and Cole Imperi will walk attendees through an easy-to-understand update to modern website practices. This presentation is designed for individuals who are considering investing in a custom website but who are not designers or coders themselves. Attendees will leave understanding what goes into a website project and with resources which will help them assess where they are in their own process. The needs one small business are not the same as another small business and this presentation helps attendees identify what their needs actually are, and what they are not. 

cultures of death

The Cultures of Death

For those interested in expanding their grief and bereavement work, understanding different cultural perspectives on hope and fear at end of life can broaden your toolset as an experienced funeral director. Religious and cultural backgrounds play a huge part in people’s perspectives and having a basic understanding can aide you as you work with and connect with your families.

*Please note, this presentation can be tailored to the location in which it is delivered. Please notify Doth if there are any particular cultural groups you’d like covered.

building a social media strategy

Building a Social Media Strategy 

Social Media is a lot like a party where you don’t know everyone: are you walking around repeating yourself? Are you wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day? Perhaps you continually make comments to strangers but don’t stick around to hear a response. Social Media in the United States is currently going through a major shift: Americans want to cut the clutter (and will kick out annoying party guests who aren’t adding anything substantive to the festivities). In this workshop, attendees will gain an understanding of the ‘major players’ in social media, will learn what demographics use what networks, and will leave with current data on usage patterns: for example, what types of post perform best and worst. Attendees will then work to create a ‘content pie’ and break out into small groups to develop specific post ideas. All attendees leave with a sample social media strategy which was executed with positive results in the deathcare profession. This workshop is intended for individuals tasked with managing social media or who are responsible for overseeing social media execution within their firm.

quit being the annoying friend

Quit Being the Annoying Friend | Social Media Behavior

Do you know to act like a human online? For any firm with a Facebook page or other social media account, there are data and insights available which will let you know whether people are tuning in or tuning out. This presentation covers some of the signs people do not want to engage with your business online (and how to find out why), provides examples of ineffective social media strategies and identifies the three steps to getting started on the right foot. 

celebrating your cemetery

Celebrating Your Cemetery

Goats, arboretum status, native plants, Shakespeare, celebrations and more….this presentation is a case study on ONE urban cemetery and its efforts to revive itself. It’s a real-life look at issues facing urban cemeteries including community engagement, lack of funding, and revitalization. In this presentation, Cole Imperi—a city appointee to the board of overseers for an urban cemetery—will share the development and history of an old cemetery that went from abandoned to beloved.

new family anchors

New Family Anchors

It used to be the eldest child who was in charge of making final arrangements. The landscape of the modern family has changed—many families are blended and/or separated, practice a mix of traditions not tied to just one particular religion or culture and are true melting pots. This presentation covers some unique challenges in family dynamics, pulled from real-life case studies. Some topics that will be touched on include: death doulas, multiple-faith traditions, LGBTQ issues within families and more.

multi-generational families psychology of sales

Multi-Generational Families & the Psychology of Sales

Leave your families feeling better and improve your bottom line. Research from the fields of neuroscience and behavioral psychology in the last several decades has created major shifts in how we understand the human brain, decision making and the influence of emotion on how we make choices. In this hour long presentation, Cole Imperi will highlight the varying perspectives of 4 different generational groups. Victor Imperi will then explain the impact behavioral psychology can have on the end of life and deathcare professions and why it benefits you to understand how we all make decisions. Several examples will be given and translated into actionable items you can integrate into your sales process.