The Hunt

track down the best ideas your employees have to offer.

The Hunt kills two birds with one stone:

Create a bonding and team building experience for your staff and discover new ideas and opportunities from within. 

How it works:

Most clients choose to add The Hunt onto the end of one or more of our Campfire On-Site Training Sessions because it allows your staff to immediately apply their new knowledge at your workplace. 

The Hunt runs 9am to 3pm and includes lunch. The day begins with an icebreaker-type exercise and an educational lesson on how according to neuroscience, our brains are primed to remember exceptions. The Hunt process is explained and as a group, we identify challenges, problems or areas for improvement at your business. We call these Opportunities in Disguise. This comes from your staff. 

After Opportunities in Disguise are identified, we break out your staff into smaller groups. Additional worksheets, exercises and instructions are provided, and the Pomodoro Technique is employed to keep things moving. 

We break for lunch and Doth facilitators work with decision makers at your business over lunch to review what opportunities have been uncovered. This is the opportunity for your C-level staff and/or management to guide development in their preferred direction. 

After lunch, each group presents its best idea. Collectively, we decide on 1-3 ideas to spend the rest of the day developing. 

The last hour is spent refining one idea completely: breaking it into steps, assigning responsibilities and setting check-in dates. 

why they work:

These days are invigorating for staff as it puts them out of their normal day-to-day tasks. These days are wonderful assets for management because it lets you see what your staff sees.....and often your staff will identify areas you have not. 

Past clients have told us that the bonding experience this day provides created tremendous value. Ideas developed at The Hunt have turned into new processes implemented, new products and services, and the discovery of special skills your staff possess.

The Hunt requires some prep work on your part and includes some follow-up on Doth's part.

When is The Hunt right for you?

If you are considering expanding your business into new markets, considering a rebrand, wondering if you're missing something that might be right under your nose or are looking to find ways to be best-in-class, The Hunt can be a great first step before fully committing. 

You see, pulling ideas from your own staff in a structured, productive manner can reveal things to you about your business you might not have noticed, or opportunities that are just sitting there waiting to be embraced. 


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